Investment in Job Training and Job Research

The training has made important progress, but that most managers did not have before. There were, however, so important, that most CEOs had to redefine their budget to allocate more of training or, more specifically, to ensure that the training company that provide their benefits from these developments.

-Leaders teach leaders. One of the things essential understood the big companies are that employees will be taught by successful people. Who do you think would inspire your team, a coach or an average afternoon with Zidane? The same is true in business.

-E-learning. E-learning is the cause of many disappointments, but the basic idea, namely to provide training on time and … office is valid. E-learning can become effective if seen as part of the general process of learning. This means that although e-learning is insufficient for most needs for learning, as part of a program of higher learning is still an excellent tool.

-Simulation. Computer simulations promise to put leaders in a situation similar to that in which aircraft pilots learn when learning to fly. If you do not let a pilot to fly a plane before making simulations of what we let a leader to lead an organization before making simulations?

-Learning transformation. The purpose of these trainings is not the transmission of information or skills development, but to change the way of thinking of the participants. The objective is that after meeting with leaders to leave the hall with a different way of seeing things. Knowing the difference between transformational learning and transfer of information and skills is crucial.

-Design education. Most training sites at school or at work are not effective. There is a whole area, namely the educational design that attempts to correct these things. Departments need a design expert to evaluate the educational effectiveness of courses offered to employees. You know though that these experts usually focus on how traditional teaching and therefore may not know and might not even put big price on developments listed above.

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